RCTVN Holds a Gratitude Gathering to Say Thank You

On January 25th, RCTVN held a Gratitude Gathering to bring together those  “Gift-Givers” and sponsors  to both say THANK-YOU, and have them meet a handful of our charities that benefit from their generosity.  The program was brief but stirring.  Randy Bayliss, our club president, acted as MC and welcomed the attendees.

Donnie Lies, club member, spoke about the concept of Gratitude, Generosity and Service to others. Randy then shared an insight into the tools we use to identify and support selected charities.  He also asked four of those charities to address the sponsors and share their stories of love.  It was moving experience. 

Finally, RCTVN recognized each sponsor in attendance; “We, who have so much, were able to thank those sponsors present, who have given from their hearts to support our charities”.